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Idhe Maa Katha Trailer Date 30-09-2021

Watch Idhe Maa Katha Trailer date 30-09-2021

Idhe Maa Katha Trailer date 30-09-2021 Idhe Maa Katha Trailer date 30-09-2021 thumbnail text
Idhe Maa Katha Trailer date 30-09-2021

he film starts with a voice explaining the character of 'Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary'. Ramanna is a landlord in the area with 90% of the land is registered on his name. He too has a few strange habits like wearing a black shirt all the time, entering into and leaving from the house through the back door.

Wherever he goes, there is a group of white dhoti clad henchmen following him to start the mayhem the moment their boss gives a go ahead. Two of them would carry his majestic chair on their shoulders so that they can serve their boss by offering a comfortable seat so that he can create terror among the unyielding tenants in style. There is another trusted right hand for Ramanna. Anwar, that is. He would be holding a pan dabba all the time so that when his boss extends his hand forward he would give him some beetle nut followed by beetle leaf and then sunnam. After accepting all the rituals, Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary gives a momentary pause followed by a decisive three words 'Aaku Veyyanaa …. Tippanaa'. It means that if he puts the tabulam in his mouth … he is pleased. If he turns the leaf that means, he is angry. According to his gestures, his henchmen will accomplish the means.

As Ramanna succeeds in getting the land entire village in his grip, Samba Siva Rao (Jaya Prakash Reddy) turns out to be a tough nut. He plays all the tricks of a politician and makes Ramanna Chowdary eat a humble pie. Samba Siva Rao's last resort turned out to be constructing a temple in his land and donating the entire land to the goddess trust. Ramanna tries to destruct that temple saying that he wants to build a road to help the people reduce their time on travel. Then Samba Siva Rao challenges that he is willing to remove the goddess temple, if Ramanna removes the Shivalingam from his house premises. Ramanna, an atheist, wastes no time in removing the shivaling and throwing it into the pond.

The sanyasi (Napoleon), who is responsible for the Shivaling, warns Ramanna of the misfortune and asks him to get the Shivaling back and install it in its original place. As professed by the sanyasi, Ramanna loses all his family members and his peace of mind. Will Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary learn his lesson the hard way? And why a sensible guy like Ramanna is so fond of grabbing the land? If you want to know the reason, you gotta watch this intense film on a silver screen to find it out.

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