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Nara Rohit\'s \"Okkadine\" Trailer

Watch Nara Rohit\'s \"Okkadine\" Trailer

Nara Rohit\'s \"Okkadine\" Trailer Nara Rohit\'s \"Okkadine\" Trailer thumbnail text
Nara Rohit\'s \"Okkadine\" Trailer Diamond Necklace tells the story of a young high flying Oncologist working in Dubai. Where you see the low life of the working class in Dubai and here you see the razzle-dazzle of the rich that can starry-eyed youngsters. Dr. Arun lives off plastic money (he is shown carrying around a wallet full of credit cards), drives swanky cars and enjoys life to the hilt without worrying about the future. The risk of such a lifestyle comes into focus when we see his car being towed by the creditors. Next we get to see that his upmarket lifestyle is like a house of cards, as he is banned from leaving the country by his creditors, even to see his sick mother. The focus is on his relationship with the people around him. There is Savithri Akka, his boss in the hospital who, in a sense, spoils him with sisterly affection. Lakshmi Gauthami Nair, a newly recruited Tamil nurse in his department may be the first girl Arun is seriously smitten by. thumbnail text
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