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Eureka (2020)

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Eureka (2020) Set in the college backdrop, Eureka opens with an annual college fest and showcases a clash between two gangs led by Yuva(Karteek Anand) and Revanth (Munna). After a few face-off episodes, the film enters into a serious mood during the interval point as a crazy twist is revealed. What is that twist? How will it affect the film? That forms the rest of the story..
bhanu bhavani(Aug 09, 2020)

Eureka.. new people and new concept. We should encourage new things in this industry.. first half is good and interval scene is good. Music is ok. Director kartheek anand has done good job. But there are scenes which need to be edited. Watch the film to know what the mystery happend in the college and revanth died and how did yuva solved this..

jyo lucky(Aug 09, 2020)

Good movie in recent days. College story but not a love story. This is a thriller movie with all the suspense... Watch the movie if you have a weekend time to chill..

priya roy(Jul 16, 2020)

Eureka is not like other stories who will show all the love stories and other things happening in college. This is a thriller movie in college which was on the movie line. Good thriller but not that exciting. It was mixed with comedy in first half that does not make that sense. But director showed that twists nicely. From interval scene movie will rise. Can watch the movie with your frnds and family.

durga ani(Jul 16, 2020)

Good concept. Movie opens with some annual party in college and yuva don't like to happen that because revanth his enemy in college is hosting that. He wants to spoil that and he suddenly sees revanths dead body. He will be nervous that he is the enemy for revanth in college. So everyone will think he murdered him.. so to prove that he did not do that murder he will try to slove that before that party ends. Watch the movie to know twists. Movie is good but there is lot more to edit. Other than that we can watch movie for good time..

rajesh (Jul 16, 2020)

Watched lately but this is a good movie. First half is little lag but after that twists are good.. good comedy.can watch the movie for weekend.

Rated 3.7 5