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Run (2020)

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Run (2020) A happily-married man, Sandeep (Navdeep) gets the shock of his life when his wife Shruti (Pujitha Ponnada) commits suicide right on their marriage anniversary. Sandeep is on a run after Police suspect him and some unexpected people enter his life adding a twist to the story. Who are those? Who killed Shruti? Read more at:
durga ani(Jul 14, 2020)

run.. finally released on online platform but it could not leave its mark as good thriller movie. krish is a producer and he will be in trouble if he depends on this movie. this is a just 90 minutes movie but felt like lag.

rajesh (Jul 14, 2020)

good movie. this is a thriller movie. hero wants to know how his wife will die and who all are there behind the story. many people will be many diversions but he will find it. climax is not that interesting. navadeep acting is good. poojitha got less time character but she also done well.

jyo lucky(Jul 14, 2020)

all the clumsiness is there in this movie. the main drawback of the movie is no clarity in the story. different characters will come unnecessarily. editing is needed. music is ok. can watch movie once.

priya roy(Jul 14, 2020)

this movie run is a dull story. hero will get married and his wife will die on their first wedding anniversary by suicide. hero wont understand what is going on his life. to his surprise there will be new characters emerging in the mystery. they will divert the story line and makes movie boring. poor climax. watching this movie one time will be difficult.

bhanu bhavani(Jul 14, 2020)

initially this movie is good but later on it created so much confusion. in some scenes navadeep acting also lowed. story is good but it used to be much better if director have concentrated on story line.

Rated 2.6 5