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Shylock (2020)

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Shylock (2020) Boss (Mammootty), a moneylender, is a movie financier with shades of grey.  He is at loggerheads with film producer Prathapa Varma (Kalabhavan Shajohn) and what follows is a journey into his past and what he seeks to achieve by troubling Varma.   Thrown into the mix are the Commissioner of Police Felix John (Siddique), an old man (played by Rajkiran), a loving housewife (played by yesteryear actress Meena), and a few other not-so-significant characters. bibin.
priya roy(Jul 05, 2020)

This is a malayalam movie.mommootty was seen as a boos who was a money lender for film industry. He was called as boss and Shylock in that industry. The movie is about he wanted to become an actor but he turned as legend moneylender and what are the resaons that made him like that is story.

jyo lucky(Jul 05, 2020)

Shylock is a good movie with fun and also revenge story.punch dialogues are good.pawankalyan's dialogue we can here in this movie.first half is fully showed with heros richness. Second half is with past story and revenge.good movie can watch one time.

rajesh (Jul 04, 2020)

Watching this movie for one time is good. Mammooty acting is good but story is bit slow. First it looked liked comedy movie then it went as a small thriller story. Finally it was a revenge story. One producer will take money from hero's brother. He will not repay that money and he will kill all the family except hero. Now hero will take revenge on producer and on a police commissioner. This ia the story and watch the movie to get the exact story.

durga ani(Jul 04, 2020)

There are big expectations om this movie. But this is average movie. Some magic is missing in this story. Director hyped hero character with a branded car. There is some fun with his punch dialogues and in past meena garu was seen in lakshmi character. Screenplay is good. Watch the film to know the past and what the actual story is about.

bhanu bhavani(Jul 04, 2020)

mammootty is a money lender and and enters film industry on some revenge. when he was young he wants to become a hero but some past made him a legend money lender in the industry. first half is with some punch dialogues and second half is about his past story.can watch this movie one time.

Rated 2.6 5