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36 Vayasulo (2020)

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36 Vayasulo (2020) Vasanthi(Jyothika) is a 36-year-old housewife whose aim is to go to Ireland and settle down along with her husband and 13-year-old daughter. One fine day, she comes to know that none other than the president of India wants to meet her. An excited Vasanthi messes up the meeting by fainting at the right moment. She becomes a joke all over the internet. As time passes by, her husband and daughter fly to Ireland. Vasanthi is left alone in a depressed stage and this is the time her friend brings out the best in her and makes Vasanthi start her own business. Within a short period of time, Vasanthi proves her worth and stuns the word. Well, why did the president want to meet her, and how does she becomes successful in life. That forms the rest of the story..
jyo lucky(Jul 30, 2020)

By watching this film i understood that if there is a support to women they reach to their heights. All women should watch this film. Coming to story first half is bit lag but after 30 minutes story will be good. Second half is plus point for the movie. There little drawbacks too in this movie like husband's character,slow pace in the story. Dubbing is also good. Can watch this film one time.

ram (Jul 30, 2020)

Good movie by jyothika garu under suriya as producer. Screeplay is good. Cinematography is also good. Music by santosh is ok. The overall film credits goes to only jyothika garu for her acting. But this concept represents english vinglish movie. This movie will definitely attract the family audience. Not only women men also will like this movie. Watch the movie in weekend with your family to spend good time.

rajesh (Jul 30, 2020)

Jyothika has done a good job. This is also a lady oriented film. Inspiration to many women around us. We can see jyothika as a housewife. And she will get a chance to meet president of india but she will ruin the meet by fainting. People will take her as a joke and next his husband and daughter will gi to Ireland . Her husband character was a quite typical man who has all the stupidity in his mind and he always blames to their shock she will become a successfull women. And o know how that happened watch the movie. It will not make you bore.

kavitha dindi(Jul 29, 2020)

Jyothika came back with another movie. This is based on women empowerment. Jyothika acting is good as usual. Her husband character was too much negative role. First first movie is little boring but later on movie is good. We can enjoy this movie for weekend. Music is good.

priya roy(Jul 29, 2020)

36 vayasulo is a good movie which showed the power of women. Jyothika acted as vasanthi in this movie and gave her full performance in this movie. She is a middle class house wife who wants to settle in Ireland but one day there will be a call stating she is going to meet president of india. That will ruin fully and her life will be messed up even more with her husband. This movie is little bit looking like sridevi movie. Do watch th film to know why president wants to meet her and after that how she will uplift her self to become a successfull women. Watch the movie with your family at weekend.

Rated 3.5 5