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Nenu Naa Nestham (2020)

Nenu Naa Nestham (2020)

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Nenu Naa Nestham (2020) Auto-rickshaw driver, Shankara (played by actor KR Pete Shivaraj), was quite happy with his life until it took a dramatic turn when he accidentally found a dog, called Gunda, one night.The bond between Shankara and Gunda grows with time, so much so that the dog becomes an integral part of his life. Their friendship also becomes the talk of the town. But little did he know that Gunda was a missing dog.The twist in the plot happens when the dog owner comes looking for his pet. This shatters Shankara. Meanwhile, Shankara’s wife, Kavi (played by Samyukta Hornad), also wants the dog to be out of their lives..