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The Power (2021)

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The Power (2021) In Mumbai, the lives of several members of the crime family of Thakurs is suddenly under threat as rival gangs and goons gang up against them and launch a deadly attack on the patriarch Kalidas Thakur (Mahesh V. Manjrekar) and his younger son, Devidas (Vidyut Jammwal). In what ways this thick-as-thieves family unit navigates these unprecedented times and the bonds they break along the way is how ‘The Power’ can be best described.The Thakurs are a powerful clan in Mumbai – with guns silencing naysayers and backstabbers alike – and police influence and political connections paving the path for their illegal businesses and unjustified killings. The head of the family, Kalidas Thakur, had come to Mumbai from an undisclosed hamlet along with his then mate Rana (Sachin Khedekar) with the sole intent of ruling over the city. Thakur succeeds, Rana’s the second best. And a cold war ensues between the party in power (not literally!) and all those anxiously waiting to dethrone the man..