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M.s.dhoni - The Untold Story (2016)

M.s.dhoni - The Untold Story (2016)

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M.s.dhoni - The Untold Story (2016) Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Today he is a big name that will go down in history for he is the second Indian captain to have achieved the feat of winning the World Cup for Indian Cricket team. The film which is a biopic on his life, traces back his journey from being a Ranchi boy who is strong willed on getting a chance to hold a bat instead of wicket-keeping to becoming one of India’s most successful captains ever. Coming from a middle-class family, Dhoni is forced to take up a job in railway and put his Cricketing dream on the sideline. After working as a ticket checker, how Dhoni decides to risk it all and give a full shot towards playing Cricket full time is how the first half establishes. Further on, the second half tackles his love life, his captaincy and his rise in International cricket..
Munna Sabeel(Oct 06, 2016)


Gulshan Kumar(Oct 01, 2016)

Highly motivational movie

Steal My(Sep 30, 2016)

MS Dhoni Movie Review This movie is the first Indian film to get a release in more than 60+ countries in more than 4500+ screens across the world. What Happened In Indian Cricket Dressing Room. What is The Actual Relation between Deepika Padukone – Mahendra Singh Dhoni, his starting earlier cricket life. Whose Main hand behind All of the Veteran Crickets Retirements. What is the Real truth about Laxmi Rai – MS Dhoni Dating Issue.

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