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Pizza 2 (2020)

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Pizza 2 (2020) Kiran(Vijay Sethupathi) is a music director who is trying to make it big. He is close friends with Vinod(Ranjith) and DJ(Arjunan) but does not like their bad habits as Vinod and DJ are mad about drugs, adult videos and often get into trouble in spite of Kiran warning them. On the other hand, Kiran spots Meera(Gayathrie) on a bus and falls for her. The couple sees each other for a while but things take a U-turn when Kiran finds a video of Meera through his friends. This video shocks him and he runs to rescue Meera. What is this video? How did it damage Meera? and what did Kiran do to change all this? That forms the rest of the story..