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Yuddham Sharanam (2017)

Yuddham Sharanam (2017)

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Yuddham Sharanam (2017) Yuddham Sharanam Movie is about a normal guy Arjun who is losing his loving parents. When Chaitanya comes to know about the death of his parents, his other family members files a suspicious death case. Naayak (Srikanth) plants a bomb and he wants to finish Chaitanya and his family. He loves Lavanya Tripathi and the movie's story shifts between past and present. Chaitanya finds the mystery of his suspicious death. The hero takes revenge on the Villain without much ado. Anyways, watch it on the big screen!.
bhanu bhavani(Sep 09, 2017)

as a huge expectstions from chaitu back to back hits this time he cant maintain with YUDDHAM SARANAM .moive with a family goals having lot of emotions so keep cool in first half ,coming to second half its a revenge with for villan and dramtic climax overall its a average family entertainer just to watch .

abhi smart(Sep 08, 2017)

chaitu action and family goals is nice in the first half ,and 2 half with action and revenge on villan ,love with lavanya on screen chemistry is nice music and comedy also good timing so this week chaitu is gone a hit with back to back hope to have a good openings in oversis its a family entertainer to watch this week end just enjoy it .

jyo lucky(Sep 08, 2017)

as mass hit come back with chaitu he a brand images mass and class so he is good with this time as a yuddham saranam so its a nice action and thriller entertainer so chaitu action will mainly higlight so this week end friday as good openings for this movie as good talk nice story and screen play on screen presents from hero and heroine trialers we watch so hope to best to wtach .

satya phani(Sep 04, 2017)

back to back hit for chaitu so having a expectation from him this weekend coming as a YUDDHAM SARANAM a different titile as a war like for love so chaitu as a good ipact on mass & class people so it an high feel movie to from this week blockbuster to make with competetion for oppenent heros .

Rated 2.6 4