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Vellipomaakey (2017)

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Vellipomaakey (2017) vellipomaakey (2017).
abhi smart(Sep 23, 2017)

a story of romance is not interested from audience view.frist half with no new lines in ti music is good and coming to story is romantic love story its an average movie

jyo lucky(Sep 23, 2017)

romantic story from director not so impressive as a routin story .first half is good but not so interested scenes ,no comedy and songs are also not so good in it .coming to climax is not so excited any twist its ends up.

satya phani(Sep 23, 2017)

vellipomaakey is a romantic story ,coing to story hero and heroien from both attitudes ,here over come bring to love in their ilfe ,here the life turns and what is the turn is the story some more first half is slow and second half is an averaqge movie .

Rated 1.5 3