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Tej I Love You (2018)

Tej I Love You (2018)

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Tej I Love You (2018) Tej(Dharam Tej) gets separated from his family and starts living with his relatives in Hyderabad. There, he meets Nandini(Anupama) and falls in love with her in the due course of time. But a small accident to Nandini leads to a major chaos in the love story. Then, there are also family issues with Anupama’s past. Rest of the story is as to how Tej solves Nandini’s problems and wins his love back finally.
bhanu bhavani(Jul 07, 2018)

director karunkaran ,has come after a long back , ,audinece expected a lot of new emotions and new way love story ,but movie not get that much new way .sai dharma tej and anupama acted good in there roles .and story is different but comedy and other way movie is week ,second half also bored ,still climax audience are dissapointed to watch . climax is good and ended in normal way.

jyo lucky(Jul 07, 2018)

TEJ I LOVE U ,another diasspoint story by sai dhaema tej ,karunakar miss his mark after a long time .here story is an nice opening and love track music also good ,but comedy and other assets are misiing dont push the movie to watch still climax .second half is also some bored and routin way to go what they expect new in story .once a time to watch the movie .

durga ani(Jul 05, 2018)

TEJ I LOVE U .sai dharma tej with a cute romanctic love story ,directed by karunakar .story is look like full fledged love aspcet and how it way going and how sucess there love story is the movie .gopisundhar ,music and other cast and crew are done there best roles so wait for 6th july and watch on big screen .

satya phani(Jul 05, 2018)

TEJ I LOVE U .cute love story ,director karukaran is specalist in love storys and he was come back wtih a long back from now with this moviie .sai dharma tej and anupama as co stars and tej want a huge hit from this movie because he got a lot of flops from past movies .so moive will be a cute way and romantic ness so watch on this friday on theaters .

abhi smart(Jul 05, 2018)

sai dharma tej after a few flops of his past movies ,this time he confedently coming as a love boy TEJ I LOVE U . here anupama was a act his lover and director kranukaran back with along time with this story ,already music and trailers are get good reports from audience ,so lets see movie will get a good talk on this friday .

Rated 2.8 5