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Roshagadu (2018)

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Roshagadu (2018) The film’s story is all about how a sincere and serious police officer tries to bring some good changes in the society and the people living around. In the process, he encounters a lot of problems. How did he face them and successully try to achieve his motive forms the enitre plot of the movie..
jyo lucky(Nov 17, 2018)

movie is good and audience aloso good response from first show ,vijay anthony was make as police role and power full action way movie gone ,director creates good way interest and screenplay makes movie so inttesting to watch still climax ,so one time watchble movie on average talk to see .

satya phani(Nov 17, 2018)

roshagadu is now in deaters ,here movie is an cop story and however vijay anthony was back with action entertainer ,director ganeshan was narraots story in good way,first half hero alivation and how hero was bang to villand and second half also good and ,secondh half is littel lag to story climax is good ,so movie get a good talk to watch from common audience .

abhi smart(Nov 17, 2018)

as per telugu audience ,roshagadu was a commercial action movie ,vijay anthony was good in police action way,director ganeshaa was make movie very powerfull action elements to watch in good feel ,other cast and crew are done there best,in ap areas ,roshagadu get good collections from first show on wards .so go and watch on big screen.

durga ani(Nov 05, 2018)

vijay antony ,is come back with a action entertainer and movie directed by ganeshaa,here story is a cop and how an angry cop do his duties ,and how strong in duty ,so vijay antony want a huge hit so wait and watch on big screen.

Rated 1.9 4