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F2 - Fun And Frustration (2019)

F2 - Fun And Frustration (2019)

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F2 - Fun And Frustration (2019) Harika (Tamannah ) and Honey ( Mehreen ) are two beauiful sisters with attitude and high-handed characterstics. Venky ( Venkatesh ) who works as a PA to MLA , gets married to Harika in an arranged setup. Varun Yadav ( Varun Tej ) , who is a Hyderbad basthi youth likes Honey and engages with her. Post marriage, Venky’s life turns frustrating as Tamannah and her mom take over the proceedings at home. As soon as Venky finds Varun is his to be Co-brother , warns him not to join this family. But, Varun doesn’t gives an ear to Venky. After realising the mess they’re into, Venky and Varun , as advised by a neighbor ( Rajendra Prasad ) , goes to Europe trip. Knowing this Harika & Honey too go to Europe. All these characters end up at Prakash Raj Home in Europe. Rest of the story is about Why they join Prakash Raj Home , Did Venky / Varun succeed in their attempts to break the relation ? Who realizes first – the wives or the husbands ? etc. it on Big screen !.
durga ani(Jan 12, 2019)

F2 ,varun and venkny doing multistarer ,anil ravipudi was a good director for this like comedy zoners ,coming to story its two men after marriage there struggels and frsutration seens and how they effected with there wifes is the story ,finally how they become close and make love is the ,aduience seen there fun and frsutration on screen with there families ,lets enjoy with ur families this festival time .

jyo lucky(Jan 12, 2019)

F2 ,varun and venky back with a comedy entertainer a big combo multistarer .anil ravipudi was written well this story ,first half hero introduction and comedy levesl from first half onwards high in the range tamman and mehren are good in there characters ,music aslo good ,all cast and crew are also good. from starting to ending itsfull joy and houmour .

satya phani(Jan 12, 2019)

f2 ,movie release in deaters ,previous movies disspointed in this festival season ,so varun and venky both done there best .anil ravipudi was written this two brothers are done a great comedy role ,so here movie is full to commercial entertainer go and watch it on big screen.

bhanu bhavani(Jan 03, 2019)

FUN AND FRUSTRATION ,anil ravipudi is best director these comedy zoner ,now he got two super heros like varun and venkatesh both are fun creater attitudes ,all these combinations are set up and showing on screen there frustarations for married life,in these on screen comedy some glamour also added ,with tammana and mehren acting together so ,wait and watch on big screen on this festival time .

abhi smart(Jan 02, 2019)

F2 ,here movie was coming with two super heros in tollywood.varun tej and venkatesh ,anil ravipudi was written and directed this story ,mehren and tammana was acting with tese heroiens ,music dsp .gives his best album to moive ,story line is frustartion of all married mens and before marriage and after marriage ,is basci concept so ,this make auidence full fun and joy with these two hero comedys in movie ,waiting to watch this fun and frustation on screen .

ajay p(Dec 21, 2018)


Rated 2.7 6