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Sita (2019)

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Sita (2019) Sita(Kajal) is a career-oriented woman who does not have any feelings. All she needs is to get her work done by hook or crook. In this process, she crosses paths with a dreaded MLA(Sonu Sood) who is after her beauty and wants to win her at any cost. In a crazy situation, she gets into a contract with the MLA to have a live-in relationship with him. Right when the time comes to obey the contract, she tries to get out of it by paying some big bucks. Left with no choice, she goes back to her late dad’s property and tries to get it. But the twist in the tale arises when she comes to know that all her property has been handover to Ram(Bellamkonda Sreenivas) who is an innocent soul. The rest of the story is as to how Sita uses Ram and gets out of her problems..
ram (Aug 01, 2019)

sita a good film. but there are some average scenes which kept the movie down. this is a bit like lagging. she is money minded. and hero is innocent, he even cant fight with others who beats. he will only react when sita cries. sita father gives all the property to ram and want sita to marry ram. but she will refuse everything. she will get some disturbance with land and will approach mla. he will ask her something in turn and she will refuse to do it. that mla tries to destroy everything which belongs to her. at that time for money she will go to ram and watch the remaining story what happened when this innocent boy came to her..

jyo lucky(Jul 25, 2019)

headache movie. avoid as much as possible. their acting is gud but story is not so innovative..

bhanu bhavani(Jul 25, 2019)

average movie. hero is innocent and heroine is arrogent. she want money to keep her own busines. heroine father will give full property to hero who is his son in law. what all the difficulties she will face to take property from him is movie..

Rated 1.4 3