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Pm Narendra Modi (2019)

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Pm Narendra Modi (2019) The story is set throughout the country, but it starts of course with Gujarat. We see Naru aka Narendra Damodardas Modi selling tea for his living. He stays with his parents and siblings with a vision of doing something for the country. Saluting wherever he sees Indian flag and he sees it very frequently, Narendra is confused in choosing his career from – an army-man, a monk or something in politics. He decides to become a monk and goes to hills, to spend the rest of his life. He meets a senior monk there who teaches him a few important life-lessons over the course of two years. Now, Narendra Modi wants to do something for the country, and hence he joins Gujarat politics. He levels up to the political scenario over there, and free the public from the tyrannical rule over there. He becomes everyone’s favourite but unfortunately is pushed from his own party. He returns back stronger and be the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The rest of the story sums up his race towards the top tier of political hierarchy – Prime Minister.