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Rajdooth (2019)

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Rajdooth (2019) Sanjay (Meghamsh Srihari) loves Anish Kuruvilla’s daughter Naksatra. He roams around Anish’s house asking him to get his daughter married to him. Anish points our certain qualities & asks how can hhe get her daughter married to him. So Sanjay asks Anish for a task, completing which he would get her daughter married to him. So what task does Anish give Sanjay? Will Sanjay win Anish’s confidence? What happens at the end? Answers to all these questions forms the movie Raj Doodh..
satya phani(Jul 15, 2019)

new concept movie. this is about old bike rajdooth, hero's father in law will ask him. there is comedy but not so intresting. hero dance is good. can watch this film only once..

jyo lucky(Jul 15, 2019)

there are many movie like this. but only difference is heroine father will ask hero to bring this bike and then he say that he will allow to marry his daughter.. next concept is will hero bring that bike or nor.. heroine acting is also good. director is arjun gunnala. to encourage new people should watch this movie.

kavitha dindi(Jul 15, 2019)

below average movie. he is son of late sri hari garu. this movie is about old and rare rajdooth bike. hero dance is good. over all not so entertaining movie.

durga ani(Jul 08, 2019)

new actor named meghamsh sri hari and heroine is nakshathra. the writer and director of the film is arjun gunnala and carthyk. this is a action and romance based film. hero sunil gave his voice for the bike named rajdooth.. it is like full movie is around the bike.. there is a comedy in this director varun sunil gave music.. it is going to release on july 27.. lets us watch the movie on big screen..

abhi smart(Jul 08, 2019)

rajdooth is a bike name.. in the trailer we can hear the voice of sunil who is a bike named rajdooth.. same as in movie maryadha ramanna ravi teja gave innervoice for cycle... hero is meghamsh srihari and heroine is nakshatra who are new actors.. let us wish them good luck..

Rated 2.8 5