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Dear Comrade (2019)

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Dear Comrade (2019) Chaitanya alias Bobby ( Vijay Deverakonda) is an aggressive student leader with communist ideology at Kakinada university. His radical approach towards society’s problems often bring him troubles. Aparna Devi alias Lilly ( Rashmika ) is a state level cricketer and neighbor to Bobby in Kakinada. As you can guess, love blossoms between them but given the aggressive nature of Bobby ,Lilly requests him to calm down and stay peaceful in life. While she is dual minded about marrying him , a serious issue happens to her career and personal life as well. How she overcomes the issue with the help of Bobby is rest of the story.Read more at Dear Comrade Review – A Rebel’s Love story -
ram (Jul 27, 2019)

good movie.. hero and heroine chemistry is good in this movie. this is the plus point. they two have two opposite characters.. he is angry and she is calm and innocent..she will face some trouble sin her cricket life and will leave the game. then hero will be her comrade till the last scene of the movie.. watch the movie to know what happened to her?

priya roy(Jul 27, 2019)

this is fully action entertainer. hero is student union leader and he is very angry person. he will love lilly with all his heart that he cannot live without her. he will promise her that he will be his commrade in her journey of cricket life. heroine is very sensitive girl and she is afraid of fights because her brother will die in college fights. she will leave him because he could not controll his anger and again they will meet fortunately and they will continue their love. but lilly will leave her cricket due to one issue and personal life will be disturbed. remaining is about how hero will help her and how heroine will change to bold girl is a movie.. songs are good. background music is quite classic. surely watch the movie in theaters.

kavitha dindi(Jul 27, 2019)

finally dear comrade movie is released and it is one more hit to vijay and this movie also hero has angry character like arjun reddy . in this movie he is a student leader who every tim fights with his opposite gangs. heroine is a cricketer who wants to play for nationals. they both love each other and one days she sees hero fighting with other people, she will ask him and he will shout at her.and she will leave him. next to forget her he goes to other states but he cannot forget her. one day unfortunately he will see her in hospital and her legs get injured. she will also leave cricket. the reason behind leaving cricket is story. go and watch the reason behind this. good message in climax. their chemistry worked well. go and watch it on big screen.

jyo lucky(Jul 20, 2019)

may be this is another blockbuster movie for vijay devarakonda and rashmika mandana. by seeing trailer their screen names are bobby and lilly who may be a student leader and lilly is cricketer. may be after their breakup they will meet again. background music is nice and yash ragineni is producer who has given hits to vijay. mostly desired movie in social media. waiting for it..

satya phani(Jul 19, 2019)

most awaited movie. we have seen vijay and rashmika combination in geetha govindam. in this movie she is a cricketer. they love each other. and suddenly in trailer they showed about love failure. music is good. waiting for release of the movie.

Rated 3.6 5