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Guna 369 (2019)

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Guna 369 (2019) Guna (Karthikeya) is a normal boy who wants to fulfill his father’s wish after completing his B.Tech. Helping everyone in the colony and making a good boy. Guna falls in love with a girl named Gita (Anagha) who came new to the same colony. Geeta also likes Arjun because of his good nature. But at the same time, he helps a friend and gets into trouble. Guna goes to jail in a wake of murdering a rowdy named Gadhalagunda Radha (Aditya). This leads to a happy life disturbed. Guna family gets into messy. How did Guna get out of these problems? Who killed Radha originally? What did Guna do? this forms rest of the story..
ram (Aug 06, 2019)

this is a arjun jandyalas movie. this movie will give success to the hero after rx100. this is fully action entertainer. before interval 15 min of the movie will have a twist and next second is also good, coming to climax it is very interesting. there is no comedy in the movie. there is a message for girls too. over all this movie is watchable just once.

satya phani(Aug 06, 2019)

first half of the movie is not so interesting, but second half of the movie is having twits and turns. hero is plus point for the movie. his acting is ultimate. he has a love story with a girl in his colony. but in the middle he will go to jail for three years. aftering coming from jail he will know all the truths and there is a twist too which suddenly raised the movie in climax.. watch the movie on big screen.

priya roy(Aug 06, 2019)

guna 369 is a fully an action movie. action lovers should watch the movie. there is a love story too. hero is a normal person who want to keep his family happy. unfortunately he will go to jail in murder case of rowdy sheter radha. heros family will be disturbed by this this. when he releases from the jail he find the reasons for radha murder and there is another twist in this movie.. watch the movie to know the remaining twists..

durga ani(Jul 20, 2019)

in the trailer it is looking like hero improved his skills. in this movie we can see him wearing formal dress. heroine is also beautiful. there are expectations for this movie. action lovers may like this trailer. producers are tirumala reddy and anil kadiyala.. lets waits to release on big screen.

jyo lucky(Jul 20, 2019)

our young hero kathikeya is back with another movie guna369, half part of the movie is love story and remaining half is like action according to the trailer. sai kumar voice we can hear in the trailer. arjun jandyala is writer and director of the movie.

Rated 3.7 5