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Ee Maya Peremito (2018)

Ee Maya Peremito (2018)

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Ee Maya Peremito (2018) Chandu(Rahul Vijay) is a happy go lucky youth who has a very good image in his colony, Impressed by his behavior, Sheetal(Kavya Thapar) becomes friends with Chandu and eventually falls for him. The twist in the tale arises when Sheetal’s father(Murali Sharma) finds out about his daughter’s love and confronts Chandu.   He promises Chandu that if he settles down in life, he will surely get his daughter married to him. Taking this seriously, Chandu starts to settle down in life but due to some unavoidable circumstances, Sheetal starts hating him. What are the problems that the couple face? Why is Sheetal upset with Chandu? and how does Chandu finally manage to marry Sheetal?. That forms the rest of the story..
jyo lucky(Oct 19, 2019)

average movie. can see once. songs are not up to mark. comedy is good in the movie. direction is also not up to mark. avoid if you are busy.

durga ani(Oct 19, 2019)

nice movie. nice love story. movie is bit slow and unnecessary scenes are there. movie is not that bad but it lost the magic in hit movies. songs are also average. hero performance is good. heroine is beautiful. editing and direction are not that mark..

bhanu bhavani(Oct 19, 2019)

ee maya peremito is second movie of this hero. he is cute and silent in his first movie. in the same way in this movie also he is a good boy in his colony. heroine will fall for him. their chemistry is good. after some days heroine will start to hate him. we can easily predict the movie and there is only one twist in the interval. other than that movie is slow and boring. watch this movie only if you are a movie edictor. watch only in theaters..

Rated 1.7 3