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Hit (2020)

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Hit (2020) A police inspector Vikram who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder gets involved in the investigation of two missing cases – a teenager named Preethi and his girlfriend Neha (Ruhani Sharma). He decides to crack the cases by hook or crook but all the leads and clues take him to nowhere. How are these two cases interconnected and who did take them away? And how would he solve them?.
durga ani(Mar 09, 2020)

Hit movie is perfeclty sketched and I loved the movie so much. First half is hero is a police offer and he will get a missing case and his girl friend is also missing. They tries to chase the case but every initiative is leading to the wrong way and atlast they will crack the case after 2 months. Movie is good and to know full story watch the movie in theaters near you.

jyo lucky(Mar 09, 2020)

Vishwam sen new movie is hit and the movie is also hit. This is a perfect thriller movie which draws everyone's interst. Mainly if editing is done little bit better way,movie would have been little more interesting. Music is good. Cinematography is good. Back ground scrore is excellent. But climax is not fully packed. Thet is like something is missing after eating full meals. Finally can watch the movie. For thriller movie lovers this is going to be a bang movie .

Rated 1.3 2