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ishtangaa (2018) Ishtanga is a story revolving around Krishna (Arjun Mahi,) who does not believe in long lasting relationships or marriage. He is a choreographer by profession and his profession serves as a way for him to meet many women and flirt with them. However, Satya, a content writer (Tanishq Rajan) falls in love with him and gets closer to him. She falls hard for him and their relationship escalates and they get physically intimate with each other. Satya proposes marriage to him and he rejects her proposal by expressing his feelings clearly. However, the girl continues to love him despite his attitude toward her. In the meanwhile, she finds out she is pregnant and the hero gets a chance to fly abroad. What happens to the girl? How does the hero deal with this situation? Whether their relationship will see a happy ending or not forms the rest of the story of Ishtanga..
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