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Ismart Shankar (2019)
Movie Reviews
ismart shankar (2019) Shankar (Ram) kills a politician after taking supari from his uncle but he later finds that his uncle is not fair to him. Along with his girlfriend Chandini (Nabha Natesh), he goes to Goa to hide but the killed politician’s men are after him. Chandini is murdered. Months later, the CBI officer Arun (Satya Dev) who is investigating the case is also killed in an attack. Then high-ranking officials seek the help of a neuro-scientist Sara (Nidhi), who also happens to be the girlfriend of dead officer Arun, to trace the real men behind the politician’s attack. She transplants Arun’s memories into the mind of Shankar and he becomes ‘iSmart Shankar’..
bhanu bhavani (Jul 19, 2019)

good movie. this is based on fully action and romance based movie. hero is a criminal in this movie. his girl friend will die because of his personal issues. he wants to take revenge on them. there is another cbi officer who is investigating hero case will die in an attack. then that officers memory will be transferd to hero. nidhi agaral is a neuro scientist who is girl friend of cbi officer arun. what the movie to know more twists and jabardasth srinu is friend of hero in this movie. movie will run based on ram dialogues.

durga ani (Jul 19, 2019)

after many years hit to puri jagnnadh garu. hero language is fully different compared to other movies. music is good. new concept movie.. transfering memory of cbi officer to hero. watch movie to know other intersting scenes. hero ram is good at dance already we know this. but we can see new ram in this movie.

abhi smart (Jul 19, 2019)

as we know director of the movie is puri jagannadh sir and we can expect a mass action movie. as we expected he came with pakka mass movie ram as hero. throughout the movie ram dialogues raised the movie. he is a criminal and he will kill one big politician. police will search for him because he will run away from jail. after that his girl friend will die and he want to take revenge. at the same time the police who is investigating hero case will die and cbi officers want his memory so next heroine will be neuro scientist and she will help them to transfer that officers memory to hero. the movie is what will happen after inserting that chip in his memory. will he take revenge on persons who killed his girl friend is story... go and watch it in theaters..

jyo lucky (Jul 08, 2019)

Ismart shankar is most awaited movie in social media right now.. handsome chocolate boy turned to mass hero directed by puri jagannadh sir. according to trailer some chip is inserted in to ram's brain. mani sharma is composing music for the movie.. there are huge expectations on the new look of ram.. charmi kaur and puri sir are producers for the movie... this is a action,romance and comedy based movie.. let us see what is going to happen.. lets watch it on big screen..

kavitha dindi (Jul 08, 2019)

Much anticipated trailer is out now.. ismart shankar is present trending one in social media..with ina hour it had 1lakh views on youtube. in this film chocolate boy will appear as a mass guy with telangana slang. its seems like there is a full length comedy,mass and action film. the director and producer of the film is puri jagannadh sir..

Rated 4 5