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happy hardy and heer (2020) By the trailer we know we have two Himesh Reshammiyas to deal with named Happy & Hardy. As his name Happy is never sad, he’s an always delighted loser doing nothing in life apart from trying to convince Heer (Sonia Mann) to love him. Happy has been in love with Heer since he didn’t know there will be a movie made on his story. Heer decides to move to London, but if you’re thinking Happy will settle down with a long-distance ‘friendship’ then you’re wrong. He does the next sensible option and moves to London with Heer along with his relatives. Heer likes losers but loves achievers and slams Happy for being good for nothing. She meets the hot-shot businessman Hardy and falls in love with him. Will Happy still be happy knowing Heer is with Hardy? Don’t watch to don’t know..
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