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Gunturodu Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer Date 11-01-2017

Watch Gunturodu telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer date 11-01-2017

Gunturodu telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer date 11-01-2017 Gunturodu telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer date 11-01-2017 thumbnail text
Gunturodu telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer date 11-01-2017

The film shows a person's belief in Vinayaka, lord of obstacles, and then his disbelief when he faces hurdles despite prayers. Surya (Srikanth) places the idol of Vinayaka on his table and prays for the safety of his job and marriage. As story takes off, he is beset with multiple problems.

There is a dispute in court over his property. And his post as manager of a bank hangs in balance. Above all he is an orphan.

One day he receives a wrong envelope with a photograph of a girl. It so happens he gets the job on seeing the photograph. He thinks she is lucky. He gets photograph enlarged to life size. On another day, after he sees the photograph his lawyer informs him of his victory in the court case. With this news he is sure the girl is lucky for him. She is his goddess of obstacles, not Vinayaka. And he wants to marry her.

The search is on for the girl. His friend (Suneel) is by his side. They finally discover her and learn that her name is Divya (Sravanthi). The next step is to move into the vicinity of her house. And they land up as tenants in her house. Divya is pleasantly surprised to see Surya. Why she admires him is shown in a flashback that brings yet another pair of comedians - Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarala on the screen as quarrelling man and wife. Surya finds a solution to a silly problem when Brahmanandam kicks up a row. Divya was a witness for this. She remembers this incident and feels happy about Surya's presence in her house. But there is another tenant Dileep (Sivaji) already living in the first floor. Dillep and Divya are planning to marry. On knowing this Surya distance himself from her. He decides to get the two married. Divya's father (L B Sriram) does not allow his daughter to marry Dillep till he gets a job. So, Surya plans to help him. Thus it is complex situation. The only way left to bring Divya nearer to Surya, is to project Dillep as a bad man who is planning to marry another girl for her money.

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