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Mondodu Movie Song Trailer - Dabbu Song

Watch Mondodu Movie Song Trailer - Dabbu Song

Mondodu Movie Song Trailer - Dabbu Song Mondodu Movie Song Trailer - Dabbu Song thumbnail text
Mondodu Movie Song Trailer - Dabbu Song

Nenu Naa Rakshasi is an experimental movie with eccentric storyline. Puri Jagannadh who is known for churning out masala potboilers has chosen a subject that is hardly digestible to regular movie going audiences. It starts off well but post interval scenes really test the patience.

Suicides are topical issues. But heroine putting up videos of suicide attempts onto Youtube completely sidelines the issue, whatever be the director's intention.

A professional killer falling in love with a girl who records the suicides and herself is planning to end life is pretty novel idea. There is right conflict and lot of scope to weave a different love story. Freshness in the subject is clearly evident and he fairly succeeds in presenting it novel way till the interval, but the director soon falls into his regular mode. That kills the movie. Puri Jagannadh holds the audiences' interest till the interval, as the reason for such unusual behavior of the lead characters was kept in secret. Once the lid is off, it pretty soon falters. To just fill the run time, the director (and he's writer too) has filled up with clichéd scenes, and cheap comedy sequences in the second half. As the film progresses, you feel boredom. Added to that cheap and vulgar comedy track between Ali and Mumait Khan further irritates. Climax, again, is pretty predictable.

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