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\'Greekuveerudu\' First Look

Watch \'Greekuveerudu\' First Look

\'Greekuveerudu\' First Look \'Greekuveerudu\' First Look thumbnail text
\'Greekuveerudu\' First Look Jism-2 is an upcoming Bollywood erotic thriller directed by Pooja Bhatt. It's a fresh story with elements of human heart, crime of passion, revenge & betrayal. An adult star is hired by a dashing intelligence officer to become a 'Honey-trap' for a dreaded assassin. In doing so, she not only has to confront her bitter-sweet past, but is also forced to make an impossible choice - one that will put her own life in double jeopardy. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed film Jism. The film has been compared to Italian romance drama "Last Tango In Paris". thumbnail text
6.36 10 70 7 critic 11 user