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Junglee Movie Official Trailer Date 07-03-2019

Watch Junglee Movie Official Trailer date 07-03-2019

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Junglee Movie Official Trailer date 07-03-2019 Junglee Movie Official Trailer date 07-03-2019 thumbnail text
Junglee Movie Official Trailer date 07-03-2019

Director Vamsy's debut movie Manchu Pallaki with a pretty interesting subject. The title is from a novel by Vamsy himself but story is new and alsoYandamoori penned dialogues for the first time.
Manchu Pallaki story revoles arround five charcters Chiranjeevi, Rajendra Prasad, Narayana Rao and two other friends are the unemployed youth living in a colony who are insearch of jobs and are unable to make a living.
Suhasini moves into their colony with her father and every body falls for her one trying to make a fool of other. They tease her but she teaches them a lesson and later they become friends.
Chiranjeevi also likes her but does not express it. Suhasini changes the lives of all of them by making them earn their living by what they know and implementing it succesfully. When chiranjeevi confesses his love to her he comes to know of a shocking truth that she has a terminal disease and will die soon.
But before dieing she helps Narayana Rao by marrying his sister to chiru. A musical with good emotions and acting by every body and Chiru blends in as per the demand of the character.
Excellent direction by debutant Vamsy and this movie is a classic.        

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